Protective Sealcoating

Protect your asphalt with sealcoating APPLIED BY BRUSH!  You have a large investment in your asphalt, let the experts protect it.

SealMaster™ Sealcoating

We use SealMaster Coal Tar Emulsion or asphalt-based pavement sealer to add longevity and give your asphalt a clean, professional look. SealMaster Sealer contains a select grade of refined materials to prevent deterioration caused by rain, sun, gasoline, and other chemicals. Hand-applied by brushes, our sealant application will adhere properly and last longer. 

Handicap Parking Parking Lot Professional Sealcoating Yellow Arrow Inside the Parking Lot

Unique Sealant Application Process

Our sealcoating process is more efficient than the traditional approach of application with a spray wand. We use 1000-gallon tanker trucks and open the valve!  We use as much sealer as your parking lot will absorb!  Once the sealer is out of the tank, we use 5-foot camel hair brushes to distribute the sealer to ensure maximum coverage. This brushing method means your parking lot receives 2 to 3 coats of sealer rather than one.

Hot Tar Crack Sealing

Eliminate driveway and parking lot cracks and other damage with hot tar crack sealing. We clean the damaged areas and funnel and squeege the hot tar crack sealer into each maor crack. The natural expansion and contraction of the sealer prevent moisture from seeping into the sub-base which is the main culprit of pot holes and alligatoring of the asphalt.